Electro™ 10, 20 & 30
Rail Lubricants, Friction Modifiers & Application Equipment

Electro rail applicators provide technological advancements mechanical and hydraulic applicators can’t offer including twin rail blades for multi-curve rail lubrication. Ideal for reverse curves, one unit can replace multiple existing applicators. The robust galvanized cabinet houses the main components of the applicator. With systems pumping from 8 to 15 metres the cabinet can be located in a place of safety for easy maintenance and filling. A twin chamber pump with direct gravity feed from the reservoir means there is no residual grease left in the reservoir. The grease is pumped to blades via twin output hoses, which allows blade staggering on left and right rails for optimum grease pickup. Precise grease output is provided by a patented stepped control box setting and is independent of grease viscosity. Output is consistent year-round. .

  • Pumping initiated by a non-contact field or gauge side wheel sensor
  • Mast mounted solar panel & wind turbine. mains electric, cabinet mounted
    solar panel
  • Twin sleeper base
  • Robust trackside cabinet with three point locking system for full height
    security door – no padlocks required
  • Storage for up to three spare pails of grease
  • Various blade options including full circumference blade - 40cm, 60cm or 150cm can be supplied as needed
  • Convenient hatch for easy filling straight from a pail
  • Ideal for gauge face and top of rail applications

Electro 10 & 20 not for use in the United States. Electro 30 not for use in the United States or Europe. See AccuTrack.

Not for use in the United States. Contact: info-UK@whitmores.com / 01707 379870


  • Type
    • Electric Trackside Applicator


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