Whitmore Manufacturing LLC

History of Whitmore Manufacturing - Lubrication & Reliability Products

Company Facts

  • Established in 1893, by Samuel Whitmore in Cleveland, OH
  • Subsidiary company of CSW Industrials, Inc., a diversified industrial growth company with well-established, scalable platforms and domain expertise across two segments: Industrial Products and Specialty Chemicals
  • Today Whitmore is a global leader with innovative products and services that increase the reliability, performance and lifespan of industrial assets
  • We serve customers in 120 countries through a worldwide network of distributors
  • Regarded as the industry leader in the development of eco-friendly high performance products since the late 1980s
  • Fully compliant with and monitored by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Texas Department of State Health Services and Environmental Protection Agency
  • An ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered company
  • In 1904, Whitmore was awarded the contract to support mining lubrication for the digging of the Panama Canal. Whitmore products lubricated 48 miles (77km) of lock gates
  • Whitmore products lubricated the NASA crawler-transporter with payloads over 18,000,000 lbs (8,164,000 kg), that moved the Apollo Rockets and Space Shuttles from their assembly buildings to the launch pads
  • Lubricated one of the largest draglines in the world, "Big Muskie", weighing over 13,500 tons and standing 22 stories tall
  • You’ll find Whitmore products in use all around the globe from the London Underground to the Golden Gate Bridge, and on over 100,000 kilometers of rail line worldwide