LubriCurve™ Electro™ 5
Rail Lubricants, Friction Modifiers & Application Equipment

Electro™ 5 is a smaller cabinet with most of the benefits of an electric rail applicator. It can be utilized in areas where space is limited. The cabinet can be installed on a pole, wall, handrail or sleeper. In addition, the system can be powered by solar panels or electrical mains and offers full flexibility in all areas. This applicator can be used as a gauge face applicator with EasiBlade™ and EasiCheck™ blades or alternatively as a top of rail system with FrictionEase blades. This versatile, economical unit compliments our full line of electric applicators.

  • Economical
  • Gauge face lubrication friction modifier applications, 35kg reservoir capacity
  • Installation on post or frame
  • Time based, step based output control options
  • Larger reservoir capacity is available with Electro 10, 20 and 30 models
  • Ideal for top of rail applications

Not for use in the United States. See AccuTrack.


  • Type
    • Electric Trackside Applicator