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TOR Armor®

TOR Armor® is a revolutionary top of rail friction modifier specifically designed to provide optimum friction at the wheel-rail interface, substantially reducing noise, wear and lateral forces. High lateral forces lead to loosened tie plates and fasteners and can result in low rail rollover; TOR Armor greatly reduces lateral creep, and when wheel creep occurs, it immediately increases positive friction, reducing the creep condition and returning the wheels to a healthy rolling motion. The result is a substantial reduction in vibrations, corrugations and high-frequency squealing. While TOR Armor is engineered for use on heavy haul freight and transit rail applications, it also acts as a lubricant during normal rolling.



TOR Armor® -
  • Product TOR Armor®
  • Type Friction Modifier
  • Grade All Season
  • Packaging

    Pails, Kegs, Drums, Nonreturnable Totes