Envirolube® XE Extreme
Performance Lubricants


Envirolube® XE Extreme is Whitmore's most recommended open gear lubricant. Created by adding proprietary anti-wear technology proven in enclosed-gear applications, Envirolube XE Extreme takes open-gear wear protection to a revolutionary level. A market leader in open-gear lubrication, Envirolube XE Extreme extends the life of even the most severely loaded open gears. This lubricant smooths existing wear damage, restoring a smooth operating surface and ensuring cost savings through reduced friction and wear.


  • Type
    • TCLP-Safe, Non-Asphaltic Open Gear Lubricant
  • Grade
    • Medium, Heavy
  • Base Material
    • Polymer
  • Packaging
    • Pails, Kegs, Drums, Shuttle Tanks

Use on heavily loaded open gears such as Ball Mills and Kilns.Both grades meet the specifications of Falk and Metso Minerals. They also meet requirements of FL Smidth when used in intermittent spray systems. Suitable for use in sump systems and in automatic lubrication systems using either drip tubes or spray nozzles, and also in airless spray systems.