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Surtac® 2000

Surtac® 2000 contains molybdenum disulfide and graphite solid lubricants which provide a durable protective coating without the use of asphalt, solvents or lead. It minimizes metal-to-metal contact and wear. When correctly applied, Surtac 2000 forms a matte, non-greasy film, this makes it particularly useful in very dusty environments.


Surtac® 2000 -
  • Product Surtac® 2000
  • Type Multi Service Lubricant
  • Grade 2000, 2000 RD, 2000 HD, 2000 XD
  • Packaging

    Pails, Kegs, Drums, Aerosols, Shuttle Tanks, Cartridges, Caulking Tubes


  • LOWERS OPERATING TEMPERATURES - extends gear life, reduces operating expenses.
  • MULTISERVICE LUBRICANT - may be used on open gears, many bearings, bushings and some enclosed gears. Does not damage seals or packing materials used in pumping systems and injectors.
  • PUMPABILITY - in many climates, a single grade can be used year-round. Consult Whitmore or Whitmore Distributor in selecting a suitable grade.
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE STABILITY – the non-melt bentonite thickener ensures good performance on high-temperature gears, for example Kiln open gears.

APPLICATIONS: Surtac 2000 series is ideal for exposed parts on mining equipment such as swing racks, house rails and rollers, wire ropes, and drum laggings. It is suitable for many heavily loaded bushings including bushings on pneumatic hammers. Can be used in large heavily loaded bearings operating at or below a speed factor of 150,000 DN. Surtac 2000 grade is suitable for use on sealed pins and bushings of crawler tracks.