SurStik® 800
Performance Lubricants

MULTISERVICE LUBRICANT - SurStik 800 is a high-performance extreme pressure lubricant designed for use on open gears and other highly loaded components under the most punishing conditions and hostile environments.

The dark lubricating film that is formed by SurStik 800 is robust and tenacious, it's easily established and highly resistant to being washed off by over-lubrication. The use of high molecular weight polymers assures adhesion of solid lubricants to the component and long lubrication intervals. SurStik 800 will not be removed from shovel dipper sticks by wet or freezing conditions.

SurStik 800 meets the P&H Material Specification #520 for multiservice lubricants. It also meets the spec or is approved by Outotec, Komatsu, IHI (Japan) and PRASA (South Africa).


  • WEAR PROTECTION - extends component life, reduces operating expenses.
  • MULTISERVICE LUBRICANT – for use on draglines and shovels.
  • PUMPABILITY - In many climates, a single grade can be used year-round. SurStik 800 does not damage seals or packing materials used in pumping systems and injectors.


  • Type
    • Multi Service Lubricant
  • Grade
    • Arctic, Medium, Heavy
  • Base Material
    • Aluminum Complex
  • Packaging
    • Pails, Kegs, Drums, Shuttle Tanks