Performance Lubricants & Compounds


Omnitask® grease is designed for heavily loaded operations in the lower speed range and in all situations where high load, shock load and high vibrations can lead to premature component wear. To be an extremely effective extreme pressure (EP) package, Whitmore has added graphite and molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). The combination of high base oil viscosity, EP package and solid lubricants provides synergies that assure maximum protection from wear and seizure under the most difficult conditions.

High performance synthetic polymers make these greases cohesive and adhesive, resisting pound-out and sling-off under shock load.

The polymer additives in Omnitask® cause the excess grease to form a collar or ring around the bearing seal, shutting out dust and moisture.This is especially true of Omnitask® TK EP, which contains a larger portion of polymers.

The aluminum complex thickening agent allows for use at elevated temperatures. Oil bleed at high temperatures is minimized.

These greases are not for use on bearings having a high-speed factor (DN).


  • Type
    • Extreme Pressure Grease
  • Grade
    • EP 1, 2, TK EP 2
  • Base Material
    • Aluminum Complex
  • Packaging
    • Cartridges, Pails, Kegs, Drums, Shuttle Tanks


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