Performance Lubricants

Novagard extreme pressure aluminum complex base grease can be used in a variety of grease-lubricated mining applications. With Novagard's excellent water resistance, wide operating temperature range, extreme pressure and antiwear characteristics users have found that it can replace several previously stocked greases. This aids in reducing inventory and lessens the chance of misapplication.

Novagard contains MoS2 and graphite to provide solid film lubrication which plates out on lubricated components to virtually eliminate metal-to-metal contact, even under severe shock loading conditions.

Many equipment applications experience stop-and-go conditions or reversing direction. This tends to shear down conventional greases, making frequent relubrication necessary, and may shorten bearing life. Novagard has excellent mechanical stability which allows it to retain its original structure and consistency, even when worked very hard for extended periods under varying loads and speeds.


  • Type
    • Extreme Pressure Multipurpose Grease
  • Grade
    • EP 2
  • Base Material
    • Aluminum Complex
  • Packaging
    • Cartridges (50/case), Pails, Kegs, Drums, Shuttle Tanks


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Designed to lubricate antifriction bearings and bushings. It is also recommended for vehicle chassis points and U-joints, as well as, pivot points and bucket pins on earthmoving equipment. Novagard will provide extended service intervals and reduced wear to draglines, shovels, excavators, trucks, conveyors and other rolling stock, as well as, in-plant applications.