Matrix® M EP
Performance Lubricants

HIGH DUTY GREASE with MOLY - Whitmore® Matrix® M is a calcium sulfonate complex grease with
molybdenum disulfide that is highly recommended for difficult
applications such as extreme pressure, water, heat, or chemical
The thickener system itself has a protective effect, but the addition
of moly creates a powerful layer of protection under conditions of
extreme load and slow speed.
Matrix M helps neutralize acids and also resists reacting with
caustic materials. Matrix grease has prevented corrosion despite
years of exposure to phosphoric acid fumes.
A continuous temperature of 400°F (200°C) is within its safe range.
It can withstand 550°F (288°C) continuously, provided the bearing
is replenished every 30 minutes with normal quantities of grease.
Occasional temperature spikes to 600°F (315°C) can be sustained
for 5 to 10-minute periods without melting or carbonizing.

Matrix M EP 2 meets the Bucyrus International specification for multipurpose grease (SD 4711). EP grades 1 and 2 meet standards
KP0R -20, KP1R-20 and KP2R-10 per DIN 51502.


  • Type
    • Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease w/ Moly
  • Grade
    • EP 1, 2
  • Packaging
    • Cartridges (50/Case), Pails, Kegs, Drums, Non-Returnable Plastic Totes, Fluid Bags


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• LONG LIFE - reduced relubrication frequency.

• WATER RESISTANT - seals out water, even in underwater applications.

• WEAR PROTECTION – recommended for slow to medium speed bearings and bushings. Especially useful for very high load applications.

APPLICATIONS: Water / Chemicals: Phosphate processing, suction and wet end rolls on paper machines, outdoor cranes and ship lifts, boat trailer wheel bearings and other marine applications. Highly Loaded Equipment: Pellet mills, shaker screens, belt conveyor pulleys, slewing bearings, pin and bushing, centrifuges, hammer mills, bearings of cone crushers,sealed work roll bearings, fan bearings and many others. High Temperature Applications: Oven conveyor bearings, plastic extruder bearings, rotary unions on roto-molders. Automotive and Earthmoving Applications: Wheel bearings, Ujoints, ball joints, pin-and-busing pivot points and slewing bearings.