LubriCurve™ EasiPump™
Rail Lubricants, Friction Modifiers & Application Equipment

EasiPump™ has been designed as an alternative to the standard
Whitmore Rail double pump unit. Based on the same positive
displacement technology, it gives a lower cost option for
running rail and check rail lubrication. A single clamp ensures
quick installation and the pivoting clamp system means both
the pump and the blades can now be lowered away from the
rail face when rail grinding (no loose items).
An EasiPump rail applicator can be used for conventional
high rail lubrication and can act as a true alternative to switch
blade canister systems that pump fixed amounts of grease
irrespective of the type of train passing through. However,
EasiPump delivers grease when and where it’s required
dependent on train activation.

  • Economical
  • Single Whitmore Rail positive displacement pump
  • Available with one or two blades
  • Ideal for light and mainline railways
  • 9kg or 37kg reservoir
  • Point tip lubrication
  • Fits all rail profiles
  • Quick to install
  • Ideal for check rail and running rail applications
  • Short curve lubrication
  • Pivoting pump


  • Type
    • Mechanical Rail Applicator Pivoting Single Pump


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