LubriCurve™ EasiLegs™
Rail Lubricants, Friction Modifiers & Application Equipment

Before grinding train passes, rail applicator blades should be lowered away from the rail to help prevent damage to the top of the front plate. Up until now, a trained applicator technician was required to reset blade heights following the passage of the train. This has meant blades would be left off for long periods leading to more rail wear. Applicator technicians have had to stop their daily maintenance cycles creating maintenance backlogs and wasted time. Whitmore Rail has designed and produced a simple yet effective piece of equipment, which can be bolted onto our blades and enables anyone to raise and secure blades to the correct height against the gauge face following the passage of a grinding train. This innovative equipment is called EasiLegs and can be retrofitted to blades.

  • Automatic blade setting
  • Consistent height against gauge face
  • Blade height can be reset by non-skilled personnel
  • Economical
  • Fits on any Whitmore Rail blades
  • Retrofit is possible


  • Type
    • Gauge Face Wiping Bar/Blade Legs