LubriCurve™ EasiCheck™
Rail Lubricants, Friction Modifiers & Application Equipment

EasiCheck™ Blades are easy to install on all types of check/
restraining rail profiles. Six large ports and wide grease
channels reduce grease blockages, and our simple to
remove top plate allows easy access to the inside of the
blade for cleaning.
Whitmore Rail check rail blades can be used on any make
of electric, mechanical, hydraulic or canister rail applicators.

  • Removable top section for easy access to grease channels
  • Speedy installation
  • Simple, quick and easy maintenance
  • Minimize port blocking, minimize maintenance
  • Suits all check rails
  • 12mm or 16mm hose options
  • Suitable for Whitmore Rail applicators and other applicators


  • Type
    • Check Rail Blade