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LubriCurve™ PD50

LubriCurve PD50 is a simple, efficient applicator that provides high performance with low maintenance. Easy to install and suitable for all types of rail profile. Whitmore Rail applicators are in use worldwide. A patented positive displacement pump dispenses a consistent grease volume ideal for high or low speed traffic with minimal plunger movement. This ensures reduced wear on plungers and results in less maintenance. Grease output isn’t speed dependent and can be set for low output, a factor often essential for light rail and tramway lubrication. Distribution blades can be supplied in various lengths and the modular design enables easy installation and replacement with minimal blocking. There is simple blade height adjustment for precise delivery of grease to wheel flange and optional blade troughs to collect excess grease for easy cleaning. Blades can be fitted for high rail lubrication, check rail lubrication or both rails for reverse curve lubrication from one unit. Reservoirs are robust, durable, lightweight aluminum and designed for quick fill. Sizes available include 9kg, 35kg and 70kg. New products include low clearance reservoirs and clamps for use with slab track.

  • High performance
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Suits all rail types
  • Parts compatible with other mechanical and hydraulic systems
  • Positive displacement pump (standard & low output options)
  • Modular blade design, variable blade size
  • Standard, EasiBlade & EasiCheck options
  • Blade trough


LubriCurve™ PD50 -
  • Product LubriCurve™ PD50
  • Type Mechanical Trackside Applicator
  • Packaging

    Robust, lightweight reservoir in 9kg, 35kg or 70kg capacity