LubriCurve™ PD50
Rail Lubricants, Friction Modifiers & Application Equipment

Whitmore Rail offers a highly efficient, cost-effective mechanical trackside applicator called LubriCurve®. LubriCurve provides adjustable grease output when and where it’s needed. It increases rail and wheel life, while reducing wheel squeal and flanging noise. LubriCurve is ideal for high or low speed traffic and has minimal plunger movement. LubriCurve 80 lb. reservoirs are available with single or dual EasiPump™options. The reservoirs are robust, lightweight and designed for quick fill. Reservoirs are filled with a lever action dispenser pump and pail. The EasiPump dispenses a consistent grease volume into the wiping bars for precise delivery of grease to the wheel flange.

Wiping bars are available in 16" and 24" sizes. They can be fitted for high and check rail lubrication, or both for reverse curve lubrication from one reservoir. Grease output rates vary depending on factors such as wheel
shape, speed and plunger placement.

  • Single or dual EasiPump options for ideal grease volume
  • Robust, lightweight, easy fill 80lb. reservoirs
  • Ideal for lower volume freight traffic, rail spur and transit applications
  • Cost effective
  • 16” or 24” wiping bars for precise grease distribution
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Reduces high-pitched wheel squeal
  • Increases rail and wheel life


  • Type
    • Mechanical Trackside Applicator
  • Packaging
    • Robust, lightweight reservoir in 9kg, 35kg or 70kg capacity


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