GearMate® 1000 ICT
Performance Lubricants

EXTREME-SERVICE OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT - GearMate® 1000 ICT is formulated for use on open gears and other severe open applications on draglines and mining shovels. It is also highly recommended for the open gears of kilns and ball mills, including the most severely loaded, also in the gearboxes of traction motors found on older locomotives. GearMate 1000 ICT meets the demand for an open gear lubricant that deposits a dark, non-transparent coating on metal. The dense black coating lets the operator know that the lubricant is in place at the right quantity.

Whitmore's blend of solid and oil-soluble anti-wear additives provides superior load carrying ability and high-performance wear resistance in an environmentally safe package.

Whitmore GearMate 1000 ICT has a thickener structure that inherently resists emulsification with water and has excellent mechanical and thermal stability. A specially selected polymer allows the lubricant film to maintain its adhesive characteristics under varying temperature conditions.


  • Type
    • Multiservice Open Gear Lubricant
  • Grade
    • Arctic, All-Season, Light, Heavy, Super Heavy
  • Base Material
    • Lithium
  • Packaging
    • Pails, Drums


APPLICATIONS: Whitmore's GearMate® 1000 ICT is recommended for a variety of applications on mining draglines and shovels including open gears, sticks, circle rails and rollers, bushings and large, heavily loaded bearings. GearMate® 1000 ICT is also highly suited for use on open gears of kilns, ball mill, and similar rotating equipment. It is especially recommended where high load and inadequate protection have resulted in pitting and scuffing of gears.

Meets the requirements of Caterpillar specification SD 4713. “Super Heavy” is suitable for CAT Shovel Hoist Drum Gears (specification SD 4713 revision June 2011). The Heavy grade has been approved by the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa for use in traction motor gearboxes that use a semi-fluid grease.