EZ Switch®
Performance Lubricants

Switch Plate Lubricant - EZ Switch has distinguished itself as a switch plate lubricant that works. It is easy to apply; it forms a protective coating on the switch plate, resists rain, and stops wear.

After it is applied, EZ Switch begins to dry on the switch. Operating the switch causes the lubricant to “plate out”. As the switch operates, the coating becomes denser in the contact area, enhancing wear protection. EZ Switch can be applied to wet switches and resists rain; this lubricant becomes more resistant to rain as it dries. With EZ Switch, a switch that operates twice as often does not need lubrication twice as often.


EZ Switch Clear is a biodegradable lubricant that facilitates easy movement of the switch and eliminates the possibility of operator injury due to stiff switches. It also helps ensure the switch goes fully into position, reducing the risk of derailment. Switch lubricants that rely on graphite are dirty to work with and leave permanent stains in clothing. EZ Switch Clear has the advantage of being non-staining to hands and clothing. It is inherently biodegradable per the test method OECD 301B. The hydrocarbons are not readily biodegradable, but since they can be degraded by microorganisms, they are regarded as inherently biodegradable. EZ Switch Clear can be applied by pouring, brushing, or spraying. No special spraying equipment is required. Any brand of pump-up weed sprayer can be used. On some sprayers it may be necessary to remove the nozzle or open it up using a drill. Completely cover the switch with a thin layer of lubricant.


  • Type
    • Switch Plate Lubricant
  • Grade
    • Lighter than 000 (EZ Switch Clear - 46)
  • Base Material
    • Fluid w/ Graphite, Bentone
  • Packaging
    • Pails, Kegs, Drums, Shuttle Tanks, Nonreturnable Totes (EZ Switch Clear - Pails)


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APPLICATIONS: EZ Switch is formulated primarily for use on railroad switch plates (railway slide chairs). It can also be used on wire ropes. Because it is high in graphite, it is suitable for use in high temperature applications (>600°F, or >315°C) where the fluid components will evaporate or burn off and leave a dry graphite lubricant.

EZ Switch Clear is primarily for use as a lubricant for switch plates.Especially useful near waterways, where a clean, biodegradable product is preferred