LubriCurve™ EasiPoint™
Rail Lubricants, Friction Modifiers & Application Equipment

EasiPoint™ includes a low volume positive displacement pump plunger that has been precision designed to provide 40% of the output of a standard Whitmore Rail pump plunger. The EasiPoint system incorporates both EasiPump and EasiBlade technology, which allows for quick and simple installation and maintenance. Both pump and blade can be pivoted away from the rail face for grinding with no loose parts and then refitted easily and quickly.

  • S&C and Point Tip Lubrication
  • Economical
  • Single positive displacement 40% pump
  • All track parts pivot away for grinding
  • No loose parts
  • Quick to install
  • Ideal for light and heavy haul railways
  • Fits all rail profiles
  • 9kg or 37kg reservoir

Not for use in the United States.

Not for use in the United States. Contact: / 01707 379870


  • Type
    • Single Pump, Low Volume Output, Mechanical Applicator for Switches & Crossings