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LubriCurve™ EasiBlade™

EasiBlade™ is specially designed for quick, easy installation and maintenance for all types of running rail worldwide. Eight, sixteen, or thirty-two large ports and wide grease channels reduce grease blockages and simple removal of bolts exposes the inside of the blade for fast cleaning. The unique pivoting mechanism allows lowering of the blade for rail grinding without removal of any parts. This reduces time and component losses. EasiBlade can be used with any make of electric, mechanical, hydraulic or canister rail applicators.

Not for use in the United States.


LubriCurve™ EasiBlade™ -
  • Product LubriCurve™ EasiBlade™
  • Type Running Rail-Gauge Face Wiping Bar/Blade
  • Packaging

    40cm or 60cm length blade options / 10mm or 15mm grease ports