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Decathlon™ HC Series

Decathlon™ synthetic air compressor lubricants are manufactured from the finest synthetic hydrocarbon, diester and sophisticated air systems manufactured today. These lubricants provide excellent low temperature characteristics while maintaining their stability at elevated temperatures. Decathlon synthetic air compressor lubricants impart excellent resistance to oxidation demanded by the sophisticated air systems manufactured today. Use where OEM recommends PAO synthetic oil Use on screw compressors where discharge temperature is above 190°F (88°C).

The HC Series fluids are acceptable for specific type rotary screw, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors. They are formulated with PAO's (polyalphaolefins) base stocks.


Decathlon™ HC Series -
  • Product Decathlon™ HC Series
  • Type Synthetic Air Compressor Lubricants
  • Grade ISO 32, 46, 68
  • Base material Synthetic PAO (polyalphaolefin) Oil
  • Packaging

    Pails, Drums, Nonreturnable Totes