Decathlon® Gold
Performance Lubricants

SYNTHETIC HIGH-PERFORMANCE OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT - Decathlon Gold is the ultimate solution to the problem of lubricating open gears and slow- moving enclosed gears. It is a clean, environmentally-friendly, easy to work with, and it protects even the most heavily loaded gears. Decathlon Gold contains no solid additives, it can be filtered without loss of additives. Also, it contains no hazardous materials and may be disposed of in the same manner as any spent oil.

Traditionally, open gears on kilns, ball mills and dryers have been lubricated using asphaltic products. These products are dark and messy, and disposing of the waste is sometimes difficult. Whitmore Decathlon Gold provides the same level of protection to the gears as asphaltic lubricants but is a versatile product that is light in color.

(Decathlon Gold and Decathlon Gold Heavy are both semi-synthetic. Decathlon Gold Super Heavy is fully synthetic.)


  • SAFE - Contains no hazardous materials.
  • CLEAN - Light golden color.
  • EASY - Can be applied by spray, dip or continuous pump.
  • EFFECTIVE - Protects gears under severe load and shock load
  • NO SOLID ADDITIVES - Can be filtered for longer service life.


Decathlon Gold is specifically formulated to protect heavily loaded gears on kilns, ball mills, dryers, and pelletizers. Also recommended for use on slideways, including crane slides. Decathlon Gold can be used to lubricate wire ropes and large chains. Provides good resistance to water.

Decathlon Gold is suitable for use at temperatures down to 20°F (-7°C). In applications where the oil temperature could drop below this level it may be necessary to apply heat. Consult Whitmore’s Technical Service Department for further information.

Decathlon Gold may also be used in enclosed gearboxes that call for an extremely viscous gear oil.


  • Type
    • Synthetic High-Performance Open Gear Lubricant
  • Grade
    • Gold, Gold Heavy, Gold Super Heavy
  • Base Material
    • High Viscosity Synthetic Oil & Polymer
  • Packaging
    • Pails, Drums, Shuttle Tanks