Conversion Kits
Rail Lubricants, Friction Modifiers & Application Equipment

Wheel Sensor Conversion Kits for competitive electronic wayside lubrication systems. These kits are easy to install and reliable.

The Conversion Kit Includes:

Whitmore Rail Wheel Sensor Assembly with mounting bracket for 115RE-141RE rail sizes
(gauge or field side mounting)

Wheel Sensor Cable Assembly with rubber booted connectors on each end and Adapter Box for connection to competitive lubricator Control Box
(Whitmore Rail Wheel Sensor Assembly Kits can be ordered with or without cable assembly)


  • Type
    • Rail Equipment

Available Kits:
Wheel Sensor Conversion Kit Gauge Side Mount Complete – Whitmore Rail Part # WRL212-102
Wheel Sensor Conversion Kit Field Side Mount Complete – Whitmore Rail Part # WRL212-100