Caliber® 460 M

Caliber 460 M is a robust, lithium complex grease containing molybdenum disulfide (MOS2). It's designed to lubricate components of heavy-duty equipment and rolling stock. Caliber 460M provides extended service intervals and reduces wear.

Caliber 460 M combines high oil viscosity and a synergistic blend of three solid lubricants. It can withstand high load and prevent scuffing or pitting of contact surfaces. Caliber 460 M can be used with confidence no matter how rough the terrain. The lithium complex thickener assures outstanding stability and water resistance.

Increased re-lubrication frequency will be necessary at sustained temperatures above 185°F (85°C).


  • WATER-RESISTANT - excellent resistance to washing out of bearings.
  • EXTREME PRESSURE - protects against shock loads and scuffing of metal surfaces. Reduces parts replacement and downtime.
  • SEALS OUT DIRT AND CONTAMINANTS - forms a protective barrier to reduce wear and extend lubricant life.
  • VERSATILE FORMULATION - ideal for a wide range of equipment, including process machinery and industrial applications.


  • Certifications
    • Certified by Bucyrus International (Caterpillar) for use on heavy duty ball, roller and plain bearings.
  • Type
    • Extreme Pressure Grease w/ MoS2
  • Grade
    • EP 2
  • Base Material
    • Lithium Complex
  • Packaging
    • Cartridges, Pails, Drums, Plastic (Nonreturnable) Totes


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Designed to lubricate the components of earthmoving equipment and rolling stock. It is recommended for wheel bearings, slewing bearings, vehicle chassis points and U-joints, as well as pivot points and bucket pins on earthmoving equipment. Caliber 460 M has proven successful in lubricating mill stand bearings and continuous caster bearings in steel mills.

Caliber 460 M EP 2 has been approved for use in central lubrication systems and for manual lubrication of Komatsu’s PC3000, PC4000, PC5500, and PC8000 series excavators.