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AccuTrack® Electric Trackside Applicators deliver technological advancements that mechanical and hydraulic lubricators do not. They provide consistent output in all temperatures and are available in multiple tank sizes with a flooded suction inlet. The design allows for easy maintenance, and one AccuTrack unit usually replaces several older, nonelectrical lubricators. AccuTrack's can be powered by battery, solar, wind, and A/C source or a combination of sources,providing a flexible choice for any environment. The single or dual track units are equipped with a waterproof cabinet that has a convenient filling hatch, allowing for quick and easy fills with lubricants or friction modifiers.

AccuTrack 2.0 applicators are available with remote monitoring, to include easy-access monitoring from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Fits all rail types
  • Ideal for gauge face and top of rail applications



AccuTrack®  -
  • Product AccuTrack®
  • Type Electric Trackside Applicator
  • Packaging

    200lb, 400lb, 800lb / Single or Dual Track

Suitable for freight and transit applications.