WHITMORE® Solid Stick Lubricant
Performance Lubricants & Compounds, Rail Lubricants, Friction Modifiers & Application Equipment

Whitmore Solid Stick Lubricants are specifically designed to provide optimum lubrication in industrial and rail applications. Whitmore Solid Stick Lubricants help reduce noise levels and wear. During normal rolling, Whitmore Solid Stick Lubricants transfer from the trunnion roller to kiln tire or wheel flange to gauge face/corner and lubricates both surfaces. It reduces the coefficient of friction to as low as 0.20 in industrial applications and 0.10 in rail applications. The result is a substantial reduction in wear and longer equipment life. In rail applications, Whitmore Solid Stick Lubricants can be utilized alone or on a dual bracket with Whitmore Solid Stick Friction Modifiers. The products are typically applied using spring-loaded applicators that prevent cross-contamination. Whitmore Solid Stick Lubricants and Whitmore Solid Stick Friction Modifiers perform very dissimilar functions; therefore, each has a unique size/shape with corresponding applicators to eliminate improper application.

  • WEAR - greatly reduces wear on trunnion rollers and kiln
    tires in industrial applications and on the rail and tires in
    rail applications
  • NOISE LEVEL – stops or substantially reduces high pitch
  • QUIET - smoother, quieter operation
  • CLEAN - provides clean and dry lubrication
  • INTERLOCK – includes a round interlocking feature to
    prevent Nib fallout.
  • APPEARANCE – does not glaze over time
  • SELF EXTINGUISHING – will not sustain combustion
    under atmospheric conditions

Operating Temperature - °F (°C) -40 (-40) to 1112 (600)


  • Packaging
    • INDUSTRIAL - 1 x 5 ft Sheet RAIL - 50 sticks/case


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Applications - Whitmore Solid Stick Lubricants provide superior lubrication at the Tire-roller interface. It is designed for free-floating support rollers on rotary kilns and rotary dryers but is suitable for other industrial applications requiring clean lubrication. Once Whitmore Solid Stick Lubricants have established a coating on the support roller and tire, it will not be affected by water or steam.

Wear Rate - Varies based on block thickness


Applications - Whitmore Solid Stick Lubricants provide superior lubrication at the wheel-flange and rail gauge face. It is designed for rail transit vehicles and track machinery.

Wear Rate - 1” per 1500 miles (25 mm per 2400 km)