Premium Pump
Lubrication Management

The Premium Pumps are feature rich and handle up to ISO 680 fluids. Sharing the unmatched efficiency and reliability of the Standard Pump, this heavy duty discharge pump is color-coded, has an ultra comfortable D handle grip design and has fully serviceable internals for maximum life. Supplied standard with a 5 foot anti-drip outlet discharge hose and color-coded Body Collar, this pump can also be easily converted for quick connect use. Quick connects enable the container to be filled through the stainless steel pump body (without removing the lid) and also enables attachment to machinery fill points by quick connect via the pump discharge hose. Quick Connect Kits and replacement parts are available.

  • Premium Pump comes standard with Viton® O-Rings for oils where solvent content may be higher
  • Match with a Utility Lid and a 3, 5 or 10 liter/US quart Drum
  • For smaller fill hole applications add a Pump Reducer Nozzle accessory to the outlet nozzle
  • Available in OilSafe's 10 standard colors

Weight: 2.44 lbs


  • OilSafe Product Type
    • Pumps & Accessories

102300 – Beige
102301 – Black
102302 – Blue
102303 – Dark Green
102304 – Gray
102305 – Mid Green
102306 – Orange
102307 – Purple
102308 – Red
102309 – Yellow