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RailMaster® Hump Yard Oil

RailMaster® Hump Yard Oil is a top of rail oil designed to provide consistent friction at the wheel-rail interface. Created for hump yards, it substantially reduces noise and wear, ensures that cars roll freely and prevents stop-shorts. This oil contains no solvents, water or metallic additives and will not corrode holding tanks, pumps or other applicator components.

It is based on white mineral oil that has been highly refined, removing sulfur and other contaminants. This type of oil is inherently biodegradable.


RailMaster® Hump Yard Oil -
  • Product RailMaster® Hump Yard Oil
  • Type Oil for Hump Yards and Wheel Mounting
  • Grade Regular, All-Season
  • Base material White Mineral Oil
  • Packaging

    Pails, Drums, Non-returnable Totes

  • Optimizes friction at the wheel / rail interface.  
  • It is also useful as a switch plate lubricant, particularly where there is contamination from sand or grinding particles.
  • All-Season grade is suitable for use in wheel mounting.
  • Suitable for use in hump yards on freight rail.