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Novatemp™ is a high temperature grease designed to lubricate bearings, bushings and other sliding components at high temperatures when over extended re-lube cycles are unavoidable. At high temperatures, solids take over as the fluid portion evaporates. Novatemp contains almost 15% lubricating solids. After the base oil has evaporated, the MoS2 and graphite in this lubricant provide a laminating film that protects sliding and rolling machine elements.

Novatemp is designed for use on bushings and sliding applications up to 750°F (400°C).


Novatemp™ -
  • Product Novatemp™
  • Type Grease
  • Grade NLGI 1.5
  • Base material Aluminum complex thickener with high % of graphite.
  • Packaging

    Cartridges, Pails, Drums, Shuttle Tanks

Not for high speed or precision rolling element bearings.