Medallion™ Supreme CSC
Performance Lubricants & Compounds

Medallion™ Supreme CSC is an extreme pressure grease that is both “food grade” and a true high-performance product, suitable for a wide variety of applications including the most severe.

The thickener in Medallion™ Supreme CSC is based on calcium sulfonate, a powerful anti-rust agent. The finished grease resists water and prevents corrosion, even protecting from acidic fumes and caustic chemicals.

In situations where water gets past the bearing seals, Medallion™ Supreme CSC will not break down and become runny. When water gets into contact with the grease it thickens. This unusual feature causes a “collar” of stiffer grease to form behind the seal, preventing further entry of water.

Although Medallion™ Supreme CSC is suitable for use in slow-moving, highly loaded bearings, it can also be used with confidence in higher speed equipment such as electric motor bearings.

NSF H-1 Registered, Kosher and Halal Certified


  • Type
    • Food Machinery Grease
  • Grade
    • 2
  • Base Material
    • Calcium Sulfonate Complex
  • Packaging
    • Cartridges (50/case), Pails, Kegs, Drums, Totes


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