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Lustor® Lubrication Storage System

Lustor®, the proven storage and dispensing benefits you trust in cost-effective, compact and expandable units. The first step to guarantee that clean oil enters your equipment is to filter it to an acceptable level. Lustor systems ensure every liter of oil is protected from on-site environmental conditions. These systems conveniently combine proper storage, filtration and identification to keep your workflow efficient and organized, keeping lubricants dry and contaminant-free before they enter your equipment; saving time and money.


Lustor® Lubrication Storage System -
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OilSafe® Lustor Lubrication Systems are specially designed for individualized and expandable lube rooms. (For constricted space, 500 Liter Systems are stackable.)

Three different system configurations are offered to fit your application needs and requirements, these are:

- Wall Mount (no reservoir) for use with drum or tote - Part #LST0310

- 65 Gallon (250 Liter) - Part #LST2310

- 132 Gallon (500 Liter) - Part #LST5310

Optional Upgrades/Add-ons:

- Custom Fluid ID Label (for front of system) - Part #PA22008LU

- 3 um or 20 um Filters

- Pneumatic 5:1 Pump

- Lustor Spill Containment - Part #LSTSCP

- Colorized Quick Connects

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Optional Upgrades / Add-Ons:
Custom Fluid ID Label (for front of system)
3 or 20-Micron Filter
Pneumatic 5:1 Pump
Spill Containment
Colorized Quick Connects