Label Pocket Frame
Lubrication Management

Industrial grade, color-coded Label Pocket Frames protect and identify. Labels and Label Pockets insert directly into the Label Pocket Frame creating a highly visual, simple and reliable system for ensuring the right lubricant goes into the right machine every time. Connect frames to equipment with OilSafe Magnets or Clamps, or onto an OilSafe Drum with a OilSafe Drum Ring. Fits 2" x 3.5" Label and Label Pocket. Highly visual for color-coding labels. Attach an OilSafe Magnet to therear of the Label Pocket Frame for quick and replaceable labeling to metal surfaces such as; oil barrels, drums, totes, plant and equipment.

  • Industrial grade and suitable for outdoor use
  • Available in OilSafe's 10 standard colors

Weight: .04 lbs


  • OilSafe Product Type
    • Label Holders & Accessories