Desiccant Breathers

L-Series Breathers are available with 100% silica gel. These breathers include an in-line filter/dryers that remove water vapor and solid contaminants from air exhaust lines, low pressure compressed air lines, vacuum lines, and other in-line airflow applications where clean, dry air is required. Air enters the filter/dryer in one end and is clean and dry when leaving the other end. Water vapor and solid particles down to 2 micron are removed. L-Series is rated up to 60 psi and mounted on the regulated side of the air line.

All L-Series models feature two 2 micron filters, one on the inlet and a second on the outlet.

Operating Temperature: -20°F (-29°C) to +200F (+93°C)

Applications - Air Exhaust Lines • Vacuum Lines • Low Pressure Compressed Air Lines • Marine Vehicles


  • Base Material
    • 100% Silica Gel


Model Height inches (cm) Diameter inches (cm) Both Ends Connection Silica Gel lbs (kg) Carbon Weight lbs (kg) Maximum Adsorptions Capacity fl. ounces (mL) Maximum Air Flow cfm Maximum Reservoir Fluid Flow gpm Type of Medium
L-50 3.25 (8.2) 3 (7.6) ½" FNPT 0.6 (0.27) N/A 3.68 (109) 10 75 100% Silica Gel
L-143 5.5 (14.0) 3.25 (8.3) ½" FNPT 0.8 (0.4) N/A 4.91 (145) 10 75 100% Silica Gel

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