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GearArmor™, an open gear lubricant that provides improved protection, with unprecedented economy of use. Preventing wear on expensive components will always be the foremost “cost reduction” and Whitmore's GearArmor™ is effective in this regard, even under the highest load. However, despite world class wear protection, GearArmor™ compares favorably in cost with lower-performing asphaltic lubricants. GearArmor™ plates out on metal surfaces to create a dense dark film. The high concentration of solid lubricants (graphite, MoS2 and Whitmore's SL-Tech™) provides a cushion of protection that minimizes metal-to-metal contact. Oil-soluble extreme pressure additives prevent scuffing by forming a slippery coating where surfaces come in contact. The combined effect greatly exceeds the protection offering by lubricants that rely primarily on high viscosity. GearArmor™ promotes surface improvement as asperities are progressively smoothed down. The smoother surfaces minimize metal fatigue by spreading the load over a wider area. Reduced metal fatigue reduces the sub-surface cracking that leads to pitting. GearArmor™ is reinforced by the addition of polymers. These promote cohesiveness, metal adhesion and water resistance.


GearArmor™ -
  • Product GearArmor™
  • Type Open Gear Lubricant
  • Base material Lithium
  • Packaging

    Pails, Drums, Nonreturnable Totes, Shuttle Tanks