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FR Hydraulic Oil


Whitmore FR Hydraulic Oil is formulated to meet guidelines for Factory Mutual (FM) 6930. Factory Mutual approved oils are designed for enhanced safety where potential fire hazards may exist. The formulation is based on polyol ester synthetic fluid. This type of oil is exceptionally robust. Reinforcing this outstanding lubricity, selected additives enhance wear protection. Extended pump and component service will result in in reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

Whitmore FR Hydraulic Oil is biodegradable.


FR Hydraulic Oil -
  • Product FR Hydraulic Oil
  • Type Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil
  • Grade ISO 46, 68
  • Packaging

    Pails, Drums, 1900 LB - Totes


  • SEAL COMPATIBILITY – reduces leak
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – when compared to water-glycol type
  • READILY BIODEGRADABLE – non-toxic and 90% bio-based
  • ANTIWEAR PROTECTION - extends equipment life and minimizes downtime
  • FACTORY MUTUAL – meets guidelines for FM 6930

APPLICATIONS: Whitmore FR Hydraulic Oil is available in ISO 46 and ISO 68 viscosity grades. It is recommended for most types of hydraulic equipment found in mining, steel mills, die casting, and power transmission plants.