Envirolube® Extreme
Performance Lubricants

When it comes to protecting heavily loaded open gears, Whitmore’s Envirolube® has been recognized by OEMs and end-users alike as the product that gets the job done.

In 2012 Whitmore introduced a further improvement. A special blend of new anti-wear chemistry was added. The resulting product is Envirolube® Extreme. Nothing has been taken away from the original Envirolube®. The synergy created by the Extreme additive system reduces friction and wear to levels that were never thought possible. Friction reduction: 28.1%.Wear reduction: 28.5%.

When Envirolube Extreme is used, new gears (and even damaged gears) are smoothed through a combination of chemical polishing and compression caused by high load. This process is often called “Planishing”.There is no need for special running-in products.


  • Type
    • TCLP-Safe Open Gear Lubricant
  • Grade
    • Medium, Heavy
  • Packaging
    • Pails, Drums, Kegs, Shuttle Tanks

Envirolube Extreme meets or exceeds the requirements of major OEM’s for open gear lubricants including Metso.

Use Medium Grade on unheated mills in weather conditions between 0°F (-18°C) and 110°F (43°C).Use Heavy grade on heated mills up to 220°F (105°C) or where gears are badly worn.

All grades are suitable for use in airless spray systems.

Do not use with NBR rubber seals. Viton® is recommended.