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Envirolube® Extreme

When it comes to protecting heavily loaded open gears, Whitmore’s Envirolube® has been recognized by OEMs and end-users alike as the product that gets the job done.

In 2012 Whitmore introduced a further improvement. A special blend of new anti-wear chemistry was added. The resulting product is Envirolube® Extreme. Nothing has been taken away from the original Envirolube®. The synergy created by the Extreme additive system reduces friction and wear to levels that were never thought possible. Friction reduction: 28.1%.Wear reduction: 28.5%.

When Envirolube Extreme is used, new gears (and even damaged gears) are smoothed through a combination of chemical polishing and compression caused by high load. This process is often called “Planishing”.There is no need for special running-in products.


Envirolube® Extreme -
  • Product Envirolube® Extreme
  • Type TCLP-Safe Open Gear Lubricant
  • Grade Medium, Heavy
  • Packaging

    Pails, Drums, Kegs, Shuttle Tanks

Envirolube Extreme meets or exceeds the requirements of major OEM’s for open gear lubricants including Metso.

Use Medium Grade on unheated mills in weather conditions between 0°F (-18°C) and 110°F (43°C).Use Heavy grade on heated mills up to 220°F (105°C) or where gears are badly worn.

All grades are suitable for use in airless spray systems.

Do not use with NBR rubber seals. Viton® is recommended.