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Compass™ EP

Compass is a lithium-calcium grease, fortified with synthetic polymers that cause the grease to cling to metal and repel water, even at high pressure. Primary features of this heavy-duty grease are it's tolerance for water and the ability to withstand heavy loads. When water does eventually get mixed into the body of the grease, the impact is less than with conventional grease. Compass EP contains additives that counteract the negative impact of water ingress.


Compass™ EP -
  • Product Compass™ EP
  • Type Heavy Duty Lubricating Grease
  • Grade EP 2
  • Base material Lithium-Calcium Grease
  • Packaging

    Pails, Kegs, Drums, Shuttle Tanks, Nonreturnable Totes

Recommended for slow and medium speed industrial bearings, especially those that are exposed to high load and/or water.