Clear and Steel Body Grease Gun w/ Pistol Grip - High Volume/Pressure and Cold Weather Design
Lubrication Management

High Volume, High Pressure, Cold Weather Design OilSafe Pistol Grip Grease Guns are available with Color-Coded Steel or Clear Body Tubes. They are designed for punishing day-in and day-out high volume, high pressure, heavy industrial applications. Pistol grip grease guns are ideal for one handed operation and prevent fingers from pinching. Designed to use in confined spaces where access to grease fittings is restricted. Match the color-coded grease gun to an OilSafe color-coded Grease Fitting Protector and ensure the right grease is applied to the right equipment.

(Clear Body Tubes with color identification enable accurate identification of a lubricant by providing visibility of the installed cartridge or the grease level if bulk filled. Steel Body Tubes offer durable protection in a color-coded tube for easy identification.)

  • Steel and Clear Body Grease Guns tubes are available in 10 colors


  • OilSafe Product Type
    • Pistol Grip Grease Gun


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