Caliber® Blue HS
Performance Lubricants

Whitmore Caliber® Blue HS is primarily designed for use in heavy earthmoving and industrial equipment. The high protection from extreme pressure makes it suitable for use anywhere high load is encountered. Protection from wear under high load is accomplished by the use of SL-Tech™, a proprietary blend of light-colored solid lubricants. This forms a protective cushion and provides greater extreme pressure properties than MoS2 or graphite. Protection is further enhanced by the use of selected additives that increase film strength and adhesive.


• VERSATILE FORMULATION - one grease can cover all normal ambient temperature applications in the slow to medium speed range.

• EXTREME PRESSURE/ANTI-WEAR - protects against scoring, high shock load conditions, thus reducing downtime and costs of replacement parts.

• SAFE – contains no heavy metals or hazardous ingredients.


  • Type
    • Heavy Duty Grease
  • Grade
    • NLGI - 00, 0, 1, 2
  • Base Material
    • Lithium
  • Packaging
    • Drums, Kegs, Pails, Cartridges (50/Case)

APPLICATIONS: Caliber® Blue HS grease is ideal for heavy-duty plant lubrication, earthmoving equipment and applications involving extreme pressure. For the most severely loaded applications such as bearings on vertical roller mills, pelletizing mills or shaker screens, use Whitmore Matrix® EP 2.