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It was back in 2005 that Whitmore and QHi Rail first joined forces to provide the rail industry with superior products on a global basis. QHi's worldwide distribution network and well known rail lubrication equipment were the perfect compliment to Whitmore's high performance gauge face greases, friction modifiers and switch plate lubricants. In 2012, Whitmore acquired QHi Rail Ltd. and today we are a leading global manufacturer of innovative friction management solutions for the wheel / rail interface. We provide customers with comprehensive advice and solutions on how to solve wheel & rail interface related problems, tailored to specific requirements. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by providing high performance, cost effective, reliable products and services.

We are commited to working together with the rail industry to develop the best in rail lubrication. Our dedicated team of designers, engineers and sales force, work closely with the industry, listening to advice, requests and suggestions to create the perfect balance between technical innovation, cost reliability and practicality.

Whitmore Rail Products

Electric Applicators

Electro™ 10, 20, 30

Electros are electric gauge face and friction modifier applicators for single track and twin track applications. They provide technological advancements mechanical and hydraulic applicators can’t offer including twin rail blades for multi-curve rail lubrication.
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Electro™ 15

This is an electric gauge face and friction modifier applicator for single track & twin track applications. Electro 15 applicators build on our established range of gauge face and Top of Rail applicators. They offer many of the same well known features of the Electro 10, 20, and 30 but in a more compact configuration with many operational options built in.
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Electro™ 5

Electro 5 is an electric gauge face and friction modifier applicator. This rail applicator system provides a smaller and lower capacity unit with similar features to Electro 10, 20 and 30.
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FrictionEase are friction modifier applicator blades. Gauge face and check/restraining rail lubrication have now become good practice around the world to provide extended rail and wheel life. As we increase our understanding of the relationship between rail and wheel, we see other factors coming into play. It is now evident that material is needed on the head of the rail to help reduce squeal, corrugation, lateral force low rail RCF and excessive energy consumption.
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Mechanical Applicators

LubriCurve® PD50

This is a simple, efficient mechanical rail applicator that provides high performance with low maintenance. It’s easy to install and suitable for all types of rail profile. Whitmore Rail applicators are in use worldwide. A patented positive displacement pump dispenses a consistent grease volume ideal for high or low speed traffic with minimal plunger movement.
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LubriCurve® EasiPoint™

A single pump, low volume output, mechanical applicator for switches and crossings. EasiPoint system has been developed as a cost effective true alternative to canister lubrication for S&C.
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LubriCurve® EasiPump™

EasiPump is a pivoting single pump mechanical rail applicator. It’s designed as an alternative to the standard Whitmore Rail double pump unit. Based on the same positive displacement technology, it gives a lower cost option for running rail and check rail lubrication.
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LubriCurve® EasiBlade™

EasiBlade running rail wiper blades are specially designed for quick, easy installation and maintenance for all types of running rail worldwide.
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LubriCurve® EasiLegs™

These are adjustable legs for consistent positioning of blades, pumps and wheel sensors against the gauge face at preset heights. Before a grinding train passes, rail applicator should be lowered away from the rail to help prevent damage to the top of the front plate. EasiLegs simplify and de-skill that operation.
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LubriCurve® EasiCheck™

The EasiCheck Blade is a check rail blade that is easy to install on all types of check/restraining rail profiles. Six large ports and wide grease channels reduce grease blockages, and our simple to remove top plate allows easy access to the inside of the blade for cleaning.
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Rail Curve Lubricants

Our rail curve lubricants work in wayside and hi-rail lubricators and are available in summer and winter grades to ensure year-round performance.
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Switch Plate Lubricants

All of our switch plate lubricants provide long lasting protection, resist contaminants and can be used in a wide range of temperatures.
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Friction Modifiers

Our friction modifiers provide optimum friction at the wheel-rail interface.
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Memolub is a low cost, electronically driven Canister Based Lubrication System - suitable for use on running rails, check rails and point ends. Cartridges are re-usable and the system uses no gas or chemicals. Easily programmed electro-mechanical system delivers precise amount of lubricant regardless of ambient, discharging grease from the first strike through to the last.
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