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The excellent reputation of our mining lubricants is well known. We offer several different types of lubricants to serve the many needs of the mining industry. These include multi-service lubricants, open gear lubricants, extreme pressure lubricants, enclosed gear oils, propel machinery lubricants and wire rope lubricants.

Featured Mining Lubricants

Multi-Service Lubricants

GearMate® 1000
A premium, lithium complex, high-performance, extreme pressure lubricant designed for use on open gears and other severe applications like mining draglines, and shovels, ball mills and kilns. GearMate® 1000 meets Bucyrus specification SD4713.

Surstik™ 800
A premium, aluminum complex, high-performance, extreme pressure lubricant designed to protect open gears, slow-moving bearings, bushings and other highly loaded components. Surstik™ 800 meets Bucyrus specification SD4713 and is compatible with Surstik™.

Lubricates open gears, dipper sticks, and bushings on walking draglines, shovels, and drills with outstanding results. Whitmore’s exclusive Bi-Laminate™ additive system ensures great results even in harsh environments. SurStik pumps well in cold temperatures, continues to lubricate in the hottest climates, resists dirt contamination, and stays on in wet conditions.

Open Gear Lubricants

In almost every category of product, one brand stands out as the market leader in performance or quality. When it comes to protecting heavily loaded open gears, Envirolube® has been recognized by OEMs and end-users alike as that product. No other open gear lubricant offers the protection from wear that is available from Envirolube®.

Gives the same wear protection as Envirolube, but in a grease formulation. It is the perfect solution for noisy, worn open gears with high vibration levels. Designed specifically for problem gears on draglines, shovels, and ball mills, BMG-6000 uses a synthetic base oil to give great performance over a wide temperature range.

Surtac® 2000
Combines Whitmore’s Bi-Laminate technology with molybdenum disulfide and graphite solid lubricants to produce a durable, protective film on wear surfaces. Surtac is suitable for use on dragline and shovel open gears, slow moving bearings and bushings.

Extreme Pressure Greases

Dura-Film™ XD
Whitmore’s premium, heavy-duty grease featuring synthetic base oil and a calcium sulfonate thickener. This grease protect mining equipment under the most severe conditions. It was designed specifically for use on difficult applications in cold climates. Meets heavy-duty rolling stock OEM specifications.

Caliber™ M
Meets OEM specifications for rolling stock applications. It is a lithium complex grease containing 3-5% molybdenum disulfide, perfect for lubricating wheel bearings, slewing bearings, chassis, U-joints, and pins.

Caliber™ 460 M
Whitmore's Caliber™ 460 M is a robust extreme pressure (EP) lithium complex grease containing molybdenum disulfide. It is designed primarily for earthmoving equipment and other heavy-duty rolling stock applications. Caliber™ 460 M EP 2 is approved for central lubrication systems and manual lubrication of Komatsu's PC3000, PC4000, PC5500 and PC8000 series excavators.

This is a heavy-duty, easy to pump, aluminum complex grease containing molybdenum disulfide and graphite. Use it to lubricate walking draglines, shovels, excavators, conveyors, and other rolling stock.

Enclosed Gear Oils

Paragon™ Gold
Uses SA6™, a six-component additive system that smoothes contact surfaces of loaded bearings and gears, provides unrivaled oxidation resistance and long oil life, and maintains a protective film not only during heavy loading, but also during long shutdown periods.

This is Whitmore’s best selling enclosed gear oil for mining applications and is widely used in heavily loaded gearboxes including planetary drive systems. Its tacky consistency provides a lubricant film that adheres to gear surfaces even during long shutdowns.

Propel Machinery Lubricants

WhitSlide® HV
A non-chlorinated solvent, ozone-safe slide lubricant specifically formulated to provide superior lubrication to the slide mechanisms on Bucyrus 2500 series draglines. Field experience on Bucyrus machines has confirmed the ability of WhitSlide HV to reduce friction, heat and wear.

Uses Whitmore’s Bi-Laminate technology to protect and lubricate the Monighan Cam walking mechanism. Field-tested and proven, WhitCam keeps cams cool during long walks and won’t wash off in the rain.

Wire Rope Lubricants

Drag Rope Lubricant
Contains extreme pressure and antiwear additives that are combined with rust and corrosion inhibitors to extend rope life and protect it when drawn through abrasive soil and rock. Drag Rope Lubricant uses a TCLP-Safe solvent that quickly dries, leaving the rope covered with a tough, durable coating.

Wire Rope Lubricant
Produces a nondrying, nontacky film on the outer rope strands, while quickly penetrating to the rope core. The wet film protects the outer strands from corrosion and lubricates the rope drums and sheaves.

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