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Whitmore offers a full range of industrial lubrication products including: open gear lubricants, greases, chain and cable lubricants, cleaners and degreasers, HD gear oils, industrial oils, food grade lubricants, anti-seize compounds and more. We continue to set the protection standard for the lubrication industry in the most adverse conditions and demanding environments.

Featured Industrial Lubricants

Matrix® EP
Matrix is a heavy-duty addition to the Whitmore line of extreme pressure greases. This grease answers demands for a calcium sulfonate complex grease that is pumpable in cold weather and is suitable for higher speed bearings. A multipurpose grease that is highly recommended for difficult applications such as extreme pressure, water, heat, or chemical attack.

Decathlon™ HTC
Since their introduction to the Whitmore product line, Decathlon™ HTC oils have proven again and again that they can meet and exceed the performance requirements of the most demanding high temperature applications. Increasingly OEM’s are realizing that the lubricant, far from being an afterthought, can expand the capabilities of equipment, and help provide a performance advantage.

In almost every category of product, one brand stands out as the market leader in performance or quality. When it comes to protecting heavily loaded open gears, Envirolube® has been recognized by OEMs and end-users alike as that product. No other open gear lubricant offers the protection from wear that is available from Envirolube®.

Envirolube® Extreme
For many years Envirolube® has been a market leader in open gear lubrication, extending the life of the most severely loaded gears. Envirolube® Extreme takes wear protection to an entirely new level. On heavily loaded gears, existing wear damage such as pitting or spalling is smoothed, restoring a smooth operating surface.

Open Chain Lubricant
Our Open Chain Lubricant is specifically formulated to meet the exacting lubrication requirements of chain drives. Its penetrating action draws the lubricant to the pins and bushings of a chain where lubrication is most needed. It quickly displaces moisture and contaminants, while preventing rust and corrosion.

Paragon™ Gold
This "eutectic" type gear oil is formulated for use in all gearboxes, but especially where excess wear and short component life drive up operation costs. Paragon™ Gold stops scuffing by forming a protective chemical layer in the area of contact.


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